Taping of The Chew


My lovely friends, Tina, Doreen & Diana

My lovely friends and I had the opportunity to go to a taping of The Chew in New York City.  The show first aired last September and has been a hit.  It casts funny and energetic individuals including Mario Batali, Michael Symon, Carla Hall – all who focus on cooking; Daphne Oz who shares her knowledge on healthy living; and Clinton Kelly, the host, whose sense of fashion and detail round out this talented group.

It was fairly easy to get tickets.  You can request them on their website. We left for the City early in the morning because we had to be there around 8 am.  The taping begins at 9:00.  Everyone gets seated at the discretion of the people who are seating you.  We, unfortunately, were put in the farthest corner, away from the cooking ‘stage’ and our view was a bit obstructed by cameras and ‘booms’. Either way, it was great being there to feel the energy of those that create the magic of television.

View of the stage from our seats

The crowd also gets to rehearse how to clap loudly and enthusiastically at the que of the stage manager.  The warm up person, a stand up comedienne, is funny and engages the audience before taping the show and during ‘commercial breaks’.  The show is taped within the same amount of time it airs including commercial breaks.

The best part, for me, was how the cast, including the producer, Gordon Elliot, interacted with the audience  Carla Hall and Clinton Kelly came out and danced with the audience during the breaks.  I even had the chance to dance with Carla to Abba’s ‘Dancing Queen’.

Carla Hall

Michael Symon came out and spoke to a woman who came all the way from Ohio (where Michael Symon is from).  They were genuine and funny.  They made the audience feel a part of the show.

Michael Symon

During the cooking segment, the smells of the food were enticing and made us think about lunch the entire time.  Only a few select get to sit at the ‘tasting table’ which is close to the cooking stage. They had the chance to taste Mario’s grilled Chicken Breast with a Spring Onion fritters.  The group of individuals there showed little enthusiasm for someone who were on TV and tasting the prepared meals.

Overall, we had a great time.  The show was funny, entertaining and educational.  The experience was memorable.  Afterwards, we headed down towards Time Square in beautiful 60 degree weather to enjoy a lovely ‘al fresco’ luncheon at Serafina’s that began with a Bellini cocktail.

Cheers to The Chew and may they have continued success.




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