MasterChef Audition – Finally!

Waiting to get in.

December 10th – audition day finally arrived!  I got up at 5am to get ready.  I reheated the food I cooked the night before, put everything in containers and packed everything in a thermal transporter.  Off we went to the Flathotel in NY.

The day before I won a Front Line VIP Pass on Twitter – thanks to all of my friends and their friends who tweeted @MasterChefUSA on my behalf to help me get the pass.  It was VERY helpful to go in first and not have to wait in the lines for hours.

I wanted to get there early because I was so pumped up and didn’t want to miss anything.  The auditions started at 10am but there was a lot of preliminary stuff like checking in, getting your application and photo in order and making sure you brought food!  No food, no audition!  Some people were filling out their 11 page application last minute in line.  One person was dressed like a clown (see to the right of me in photo).  There was also a filming crew and Joe Bastianich, one of the MasterChef judges, was on hand to be in the footage for the upcoming season.  We were filmed while waiting outside and cheering like crazy.

Room full of potential MasterChefs

Moroccan Chicken Cacciatore with Couscous

Finally, they called the Front Line pass holders and I scooted up there with the others.  About 50 of us were brought into this large conference room where there were tables set up.  Each person had a little section designated on the table where they could start ‘getting ready’, but, not plate anything until we were told.  I took out all of my containers filled with food, placed my plate out and was ready.  My dish was my own creation – Moroccan Chicken Cacciatore with Israeli couscous made with Moroccan flavorings and Zucchini Fritelli (Fritters).   Once they said ‘Go’ I carefully took out my Israeli couscous which I had placed in a ring mold that morning.  I knew that as it cooled down the couscous would hold together and I would be able to place it on the dish without falling apart.  Then I placed the Cacciatore sauce around it and the chicken.  I placed a Zucchini Fritter on each side and then sprinkled it with some parsley and chopped pecans.  I thought it looked lovely.

Joe Bastianich came around to everyone and checked their plating and food.  He made a few ‘smart’ comments here and there while he chatted with people.  He came over to me and said ‘You got a lot going on there’.  Instead of panicking, I replied ‘I’ll tell you what I’ve got going on here, Joe’ and proceeded to describe my dish as a fusion of Sicilian and Moroccan flavors plus my ‘Fritelli di Cocuzzi’ in which, he replied, ‘I know what Cocuzzi are’, and I said ‘I hope you do!’ (he’s Italian and the son of TV Chef Lidia Bastianich).  In retrospect, maybe I did have a lot on the plate.  I guess I need more practice plating.

Then the real test came.  The food taster, Vernon, went around and tasted everyone’s dish while asking them questions on how they prepared it.  As he came closer I said ‘You must have an iron clad stomach’.  He replied, ‘Yes, but once in a while I take a break and sanitize my stomach with a shot of Patron (tequila)’.  It’s always good to break the ice with some laughs.  Then, it was my turn.  He asked me about my plate and I described what I made along with the ingredients.  He tasted it and then asked me how I cooked the chicken’.  After that, he said ‘Well you definitely know what you’re doing.  I don’t know if you’re self taught or went to school but you’re good’. WOW!  I thought.  The food taster likes my food!  Yes!

The ‘personality’ casting director for went around and quickly, and I mean quickly, interviewed everyone.  We had about 30 seconds (if that) to tell her about ourselves.  How can anyone know a person in 30 seconds?!  I did my best.  I came across bubbly, friendly, and funny.  I even told her I can beat anyone in a hula hoop contest.  I hope she took down some good notes.

Now, it’s time to wait.  No matter what happens I had a wonderful, flawless experience.  I wasn’t nervous at all!  I can, at least, say that I auditioned for MasterChef and that the food judge liked my food.

For me, this journey is not just about wanting to be on TV.  It’s about doing something that I love and doing something for me.  I need to know that I can pursue a dream and not have to look back and regret not going for it.

I want to thank all of my friends and family for their overwhelming support.  My culinary journey will continue…no matter what.

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  1. That’s awesome! Good luck- sounds like such a fun experience!

  2. Patricia says:

    Rosa. I have to respect and admire you for pursuing your dream. The event did not just fall into your lap. You worked hard at it and made it happen. Happy Cooking and best to you
    for your future plans.

  3. Barbarita says:

    Great photos! Love reading your blog. And love eating your home cooking!! :-)

  4. Jon says:

    I saw you there! I found your blog last week, and was planning on looking for you, but didn’t recognize you. I recognize the photo of you standing in line…and the unforgettable clown.

    Glad to hear that Vernon liked your food! I had him as a chef-judge, and also made a comment about his bravery for tasting so many potential food-safety nightmares.

    Did you get to meet with the producers, or did they push anyone through yet? You didn’t mention that, and I know Yamsin (the short producer with the megaphone) was outside with Joe for a while.

    Good luck! Your plate looks great!

    • Rosa Wippich says:

      Hi Jon!
      I’m sorry that I didn’t meet you in person! I wasn’t selected to meet with the producers. They selected a few people to stay behind and said that it didn’t mean we weren’t going to get called back. Did they ask you to stay and meet with the producers? I’d love to know what happened. I had a great experience.
      You can email me directly at and let me know how you made out. What did you make???

  5. Ellen says:

    You are a wonderful cook and we all wish you the very best of luck.

  6. Lucy-6toknit4 says:

    Wow, Rosa, thanks for recounting your experience so well. It sounds like it really was a fabulous day. I know you put your heart into it. They were lucky to meet you! Good luck.

  7. Marcella says:

    You’re already a winner in my book no matter what happens. Congratulations!!

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